Challenges on Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Interesting and inspiring webinar delivered by @Javier Zamora @ IESE Business School – University of Navarra about the challenges that directors are facing in regards to #digitaltransformation .

I would like to share with you some of the points I found relevant.

It is basic to understand the complete value that customers percept from our companies and what they really need our product/service for. Change by design is about how can we handle innovation to better canalize this value to our client.

For those non-native digital companies, transformation cannot be undertaken. Digital growth has been exponential: digital innovation has evolved and will be evolving at a level that transformation will not be from one step to the other, transformation will remain linear.

Internet firstly connected enterprises, then homes, individuals and now… things. As digital density grows, there will be non-filled opportunities for new applications that will disrupt our industries and business models.

Technology has become not a tool but an environment by itself. Nowadays digital native companies are raising funds and capital as never seen before. The number of so-called «unicorns» has exponentially grown since early 10s.

Quantum computing, Blockchain, Big Data, IA, 5G, IoT… and humans. Ready?

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